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HTML Help: Development Aids 
This tools will make your life a little bit more easy. 
Josef Becker 

 CHM 2 Web
A tool for on-the-fly conversion of compiled HTML Help files into ready to publish web pages.
Shareware by A!K Research Labs 
 CHM Unpacker
Use CHM files like ZIP files
Shareware by Yang Bo 
Convert HTML Anchors to .hhc Objects With JavaScript
Freeware by Robert E. Porter 
 HHK Builder
Generates your HHK and and HHC.
Freeware by Peter Thörnqvist 
Generates HHC from a HTML index file.
By Asger Jørgensen 
 MK Index
Generates your HHK.
Public domain by Larry Rudner 
 Web 2 HH
A tool for on-the-fly conversion of web pages to CHM.
Freeware/Shareware by D. Catterson