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Key Help 1.0 
KeyHelp is a free ActiveX control that online help authors and programmers can use to enhance the capabilities of compiled Microsoft HTML Help systems and to control the behavior of HTML Help systems in a Windows application. KeyHelp consists of a single ActiveX control that you can ship to your customers. You must register KEYHELP.OCX on the user's machine during the installation process. KeyHelp's features include:
  • Popups
    KeyHelp popups support just about anything you can use on an HTML page: HTML tags, style sheets, scripting, DHTML, animation and so forth. You can evoke KeyHelp scripts from a KeyHelp popup or secondary windows as well as from standard HTML pages.
  • Embedded Windows
    With KeyHelp's embedding capabilities, you can build help that is part of the real estate and behavior of your application. Using other features, such as information types and training card scripts, you can control how content is opened.
  • Auto-sizing windows
    KeyHelp supports secondary windows, which are typically used for procedures, messages, and tutorials. Like the autosizing windows in WinHelp 4.0, these windows will automatically size to the amount of content in the window, rather than being a fixed size.
  • Information Types
    KeyHelp supports content-level information types - that is, the ability to hide and show content that you have tagged for a particular type of user. Not only does it work in HTML Help, but you can use it in an HTML page on the web.
  • Script Extensions
    KeyHelp's scripting features offer capabilities that HTML Help system doesn't offer on its own as well as added features to existing HTML Help capabilities. These features include information types, popups, training cards, ShortCut command, and others.
Freeware by Ralph Walden and MVP Cheryl Lockett Zubak