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RTF Fixer 
When you use RTF files created by Microsoft Word 97, automatic numbered lists all appear as ones (1) in a compiled help file. RtfFix.exe is a file that modifies RTF files so that the Microsoft Help Compiler correctly displays automatic numbered lists created by Microsoft Word 97. 
After each item in a numbered list, Microsoft Word 97 inserts an RTF code, "\pard". This code specifies that you want to reset the paragraph formatting to a default setting. Microsoft Word 97 then proceeds to redefine all of the formatting for the paragraph. 
This behavior differs from Microsoft Word 95. Microsoft Word 95 only uses "\pard" on the first element of each list. It then allows the formatting of each subsequent item to inherit the previous item's formatting. 
The Microsoft Help Compiler (HCRTF.exe) incorrectly interprets the new format that Microsoft Word 97 creates for automatic numbered lists. This results in each list item starting with the number one. 
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