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WinHelp: Enhancements 
Here you will find the largest in the world selection with tools that enhance WinHelp. I collected them since 1995 und make them public available on this pages. 
Josef Becker 

 Arsenal 3.0 16-Bit
WinHelp Functions DLL
Shareware by Paul Arnote 
 Bagman 1.2 16-Bit
Compressed Baggage Support DLL
Freeware by Paul Arnote 
 Close Win 16-Bit
Close Secondary Window
Freeware by Ron Burke 
 Edhdemo Animation DLL 16-Bit
Insert MultiMedia Elements
Freeware by Peter Balch 
 Enhanced About Box DLL 16/32-Bit
Will allow you to display your own icon in the top left corner of a professional looking 3-D "About/Version information" box
 EP Once 16-Bit
ExecProgram Once
Postcard ware by Dr. Jim Methven 
 ETOC 1, 2, 3 16-Bit
Collapsible contents for WinHelp31
Freeware by Don Lammers 
 Embedded Windows DLL 16- AND 32-Bit
256 colors DLL
Freeware by Ron Pacheco 
 Embedded Windows Text DLL (with source)
Read and show file contents
Freeware by John Carroll 
   FloatingMenu Plus DLL v.1.02 (32Bit)
Delete, Disable and Enable Standard Entries
Shareware by MVP Paul O'Rear 
 FTSKIT 16-Bit
Full/Free Text Search
Free File Collection 
 Help Colour Changer
Change the jump and popup colors specified in the win.ini.
Freeware by Chad Oftedal 
 Help File Launcher (16Bit)
Starts a HLP like from within a program.
Freeware by Rick Jones 
 HelpMax (16Bit)
Explicitly setting the main help window.
Freeware by Solutionsoft 
 HelpUtils: Small Touches for WinHelp (16Bit)
A bag fullfilled with new macro functions. MUST HAVE.
NOW freeware by José Humberto 
 NWS Embedded Windows
Embedded Buttons, Embedded Controls, How2Do
Freeware by Ninth Wave Software 
 PrintAll 16-Bit
Print All Topics at Once
Freeware by José Humberto 
Context Sensitive Help VCL.
Shareware by Igor Glukhov 
 Sandco DLL 16-Bit
"If File Exist" DLL
Shareware by Sandware Software Co. 
 Search All 16-Bit
Multi-file search capability
Shareware by Ability 
 ShowBMP 1.34 16/32-Bit
Enhanced WinHelp Functionality
FREEWARE by Dr. Rudolf Bumm 
 Sub-, Superscript Arial TTF
By unknown 
 TabMaker 2.0 16-Bit
Add Tabs like in the old Paint Shop Pro Helpfile
Shareware by SimDoc 
 ThinHelp 16/32-Bit
The Hypertext Edge
Shareware by Bernd Herd 
 Tip Dialog DLL
The Tip of the Day Tool
Freeware by Anthony E. Lockwood 
 Web Dialer Lite
Connect WinHelp with the Web
Freeware by Solutionsoft 
 WinHelp 3D
Wh3d.dll interacts with CTL3DV2.DLL
Freeware by Tom Gibson 
 WinHelp GetINI 16Bit
Retrieve Values From INI Files
Freeware by Michael M. Andersen 
 WinHelp Library 16Bit
Add-On library for Windows Help
Freeware by Mark Gamber 
 WinHelp List 16Bit
Embedded Listbox DLL
Freeware by Mark Gamber 
 WinHelp Macro Extensions
16-Bit DLL
Freeware by Ian Beddall 
 WinHelp Plus Macro Extensions 16Bit
Add-On library for Windows Help
Freeware by John Carroll 
 WinHelp Random 16Bit
Random Seed Generator DLL
Freeware by Michael M. Andersen 
 WinSize 16Bit
Pixel based Sizing
Freeware by Pedro Leite Fragoso