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The Hypertext Edge (16/32Bit) 
ThinHelp comes with a lot of functions. Here are some in short:
  • Compressed and baggaged 256 color bitmaps
  • Compressed and baggaged 256 color SHGs
  • SHG graphic used as a hotspoted watermark
  • JPEG: paletted, masked, compressed, baggaged ...
  • Transparent bitmaps, paletted, compressed
  • All this with animation
  • Watermarks like in HTML
  • WAV: controlable, compressed, baggaged
  • Windows sizing control
  • Custom macros including regkey
  • WinHelp Debug Lite
  • LZSmale Compression
  • SHED replacement
  • All in 16- and 32-Bit
Shareware by Bernd Herd