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Standalone Help Authoring Tools 
Here you will find the world's largest collection of standalone WinHelp Authoring Tools (HATs).If you have heard about any other HAT freeware or shareware please tell me about it. 
Josef Becker 

WYSIWYG help authoring system with this help format: WinHelp (16 and 32 bit), HTML Help and Java Help.
Shareware by Anet Inc. 
A standalone Authoring Tool that uses Single Sourcing and Object Oriented technology to create WinHelp, HTML, HTML Help and printed documentation.
By Optical Systems Corporation Ltd. 
Generate ANY DOCUMENT ( not only help files )
Shareware by AWP 
An easy to learn HAT with a nice interface.
Freeware by Jan Verhoeven 
A Visual Windows Help File Generator. "The easy to learn HAT"
By Auric Visions Inc. 
 F1Help (beta)
Help, HTML and HTMLHelp Generator for Delphi Components
Freeware by Janco Tanis 
One of the leading HATs.
By ForeFront Inc. 
Help file generator for components used by Borland compilers
Demo by Peter Fraser 
A Freeware HAT
Antonio Zamora and Elena M. Zamora 
Help Authoring System (mainly 32-Bit)
By GPP Software 
A Shareware HAT
Langdale Designs Ltd 
WYSIWYG Authoring Tool
Visage Software 
WYSIWYG Help Authoring
Shareware by Chainware 
Standalone Help Authoring Tool since 1992
Shareware by StateLine Software 
A Hypertext Organizer & HTML and Help Authoring System
Shareware by Sanjay Kanade 
 Help & Manual
Single Sourcing: HLP, HTML, HTMLHelp and Manual.
 helpMATIC Pro
helpMATIC Pro is a fully standalone Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 application that lets you create professional looking help files quickly and easily.
Shareware by Harbinder Ghag 
HelpScribble is a great application for creating Windows Help and HTML Help files.
Shareware by Jan Goyvaerts (JG Soft) 
It makes creating help files as easy as possible.
Freeware and Shareware by Ariad 
 Help Writer for Delphi
You can have instant help files for any Delphi application!
Shareware by Teletech Systems 
 Hypertext Studio
The HyperText Studio is a powerful WYSIWYG WinHelp, HTML and HTML Help authoring tool
Shareware by Olson Software Limited 
 Instant Help Pro Generator
Specialiced in Visual C++ (MFC) projects
Shareware by Georg Scheidel 
 KAL Autorenverwaltung
Generiert HLP, HTML, HTMLHelp und JavaHelp aus Datenbankeinträgen
Shareware by Linn EDV-Beratung 
 Oasis Standard Edition
Integrated environment for creating Windows 95 help files
FREEWARE by Stephan February 
Write HLP with an HTML-like tags
Shareware by Netronix 
  Shalom Help Maker
Shalom Help Maker (SHM) is an easy to use Windows help file editor. Freeware by Finn Ekberg Christiansen 
 SOS Help! Info-Author
Shareware by Lamaura Development 
 VB AHA!!!
HAT with extra solutions for VB programmers
Shareware by Craig Villalon 
 VB HelpWriter
You can have instant help files for any VB application!
Shareware by Teletech Systems 
 Visual Help
A powerful easy to use help development tool
Shareware (30 days) by WinWare Inc. 
 Visual WinhelpHelp
Visual WinHelp is an entry-to-intermediate level help creator that has all the features you need, plus some extras.
Shareware (30 US$) by Digitope