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Word based Help Authoring Tools 
Here you will find the largest in the world collection of Word based WinHelp
Authoring Tools (HAT). If you have heard about a free available freeware or
shareware you should tell me about it. 

Josef Becker 

A tool for creating Windows Help in Microsoft Word 6.x/7.x
Freeeware by Victor Sapognikov 
Windows Help authoring template for Microsoft Word 97 and 2000
Freeeware by Eugene Borodkin 
Printed documentation, Windows Help, HTML, HTML Help, and now JavaHelp, from a single source.
By ComponentOne 
Development tool that creates Windows Help files and HTML pages, as well as paper copies.
Shareware by Eon-Solutions Ltd. 
Hypertext Development Kit
By Virtual Media Technology 
Creates fully functional Windows help files for use both with programs and as stand-alone documents.
Shareware by Edward Guy 
 Help Authoring Expert
This tool comes with usefull enhancements for Delphi programmers.
Shareware by Steve Samuelson 
With Helpy it is easy to design your Windows-Help in Word 97.
Freeware by K/oS 
 Thomas Riehms Werkzeuge
Eine Makrosammlung zur Hilfeerstellung.
Kostenlos von Thomas Riehm 
 TS Help
Eine Makrosammlung zur Hilfeerstellung.
Kostenlos von Thomas Schulz