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BorHelp is a freeware Windows Help authoring template for Microsoft Word 97 and 2000. It simplifies many aspects of WinHelp design: managing topics, creating links, using macros, etc. This small and useful tool adds a Help-authoring toolbar to your Word environment, allowing you to concentrate on the content of your Help system rather than the WinHelp syntax. BorHelp comes with full source code that you can modify to suit your personal needs. 
Eugene Borodkin

  • Mark Selection As Hyperlink: target in current or external RTF file; topic link, pop-up link, jump to macro, jump to Website or e-mail
  • Unmark Selected Hyperlink
  • Create New Topic: ID, Title, K-keywords, A-keywords, browse sequences, window types, and macros. The Macro Dictionary gives a list of possible macros. Easy navigation.
  • Current Topic Properties: Modify the topic settings as given above
  • Mark Selection As Topic: Convert existing text to a topic with specific properties as above.
  • No Scrolling
  • Insert Button: general macro button, Related Topics button.
  • Insert Picture By Reference
  • Insert Standard Bitmap
  • BorHelp Documentation